We are true believers that we're all born with something special- a true talent, special ability or unique skill set. It's something that makes us different from everyone else. We believe it's what makes us truly one-of-a-kind. The ability to embrace your inner NERD is a gift which should be shared.

Our take has always been that NERDS stands for a Natural-Expert-Radically-Determined-for-Success.

Natural- As simple as it sounds, something that comes easy, without difficulty, and seamlessly is natural.
Expert- We have learned early in our careers that just because a person has been tested on a skill does not necessarily make them an expert. 
Radically- As we took this as an adverb, it's the actions of a radical. This is defined as someone thoroughly going to the extreme, especially in regards to change from accepted or traditional forms.
Determined- No dictionary is needed to explain how determination is a key to success, especially as it applies to the individual and their skills.
Success- If you perfect your inner NERD, success will find you. 

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