We volunteer multiple times a year at a local non-profit organization that provides experience with local farming from fruits to vegetables and flowers. Providing a real life encounter and knowledge about crops. Community Harvest binds together interactions with humankind and nature to create a delightful time. Throughout the year, they receive over 4,000 volunteers producing a whopping 270,000 pounds of crops to donate to local organizations such as No Kid Hungry. No Kid Hungry targets children who face food insecurity on the weekends when not in school to receive the free lunch program. Instead of promoting junk food intake, this wonderful charity gives people nutritious options for meals and snacks to help with growing stronger and healthier. 

Vegetable Farm 

Apple Orchard 


"Our experience with Community Harvest has been amazing. Picture this: fresh air, fresh breeze and a breathtaking view apart from the busy city life. Three words - paradise on Earth! You're so focused in the moment that the distractions of life float away in the air. It's an experience of a lifetime. I'm a city person so I don't get to see too much of rural areas. Finally, I got the chance to not only go and spend time in nature but also pick an apple or maybe twenty right off the tree. And it goes straight to people facing hunger. Truly awesome and can't wait to go back for another great time."

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