Krumsiek & Associates, P.C. prides itself on the foundations from which it is built such a high reputation of providing timely and great advice to our clients.  Through the visions of the founders, their dedication, loyalty to the craft and personal values, the logo represents what is Krumsiek & Associates, P.C.  Noted below our breakdown of the logo is defined.

The logo was started on the premise of Matthew forming the company.  This simplified premise starts the framework of our logo design which fluxed into a greater in depth analysis. The letter M is the foundation.  The two buildings form an M to represent Krumsiek & Associates, P.C. is always looking to expand. 

The color scheme was selected rather prompt.  The color Blue is deciphered to be one of trust, honesty and loyalty.  Three of the values held so strong and steadfast by the founders of Krumsiek & Associates, P.C.  The selection of a darker shade of blue - navy - from a psychology perspective exhibits an inner security and confidence; reliable and responsible.  A reiteration of the services and visions for the company of Krumsiek & Associates, P.C.  Orange was next.  Orange is a power color.  It is said in the ancient times, a change of any kind or if wisdom was sought, burn an orange candle for seven nights. Orange stimulates enthusiasm and creativity.  The psychology or Orange means vitality with endurance.  Businesses need energy to sustain, to grow and to be successful.  The complexion of these colors lives and breathes within our services and our advice. 

From there, the character, uniqueness and fortitude were added as marked by the alphabetized letters below and read as follows:

 A – The tallest building, highest peak, shows our strive for perfection.  Our continued drive for the success of our clients and our firm.  It is the area by which few other advisers dare to cross and the distinguishing of our advice above the rest.  It is the superior advantage of expertise rising above the competition.  To our clients, this is the ability to have our Rolodex of influences in your corner.  Understanding whatever conflict or situation rises, our firm will rise above with swift resolution. 

B – The building in the back drop.  An ever symbolism of mankind - we are always working harder for our next generations. The second building reminds us there is always competition in the marketplace.  Without proper planning, competition can easily overrun us.  Keeping up to date on what capabilities are available and how the ever-changing tax laws can be capitalized.  The second building reminds us, while experts in our craft, we are only yet achieved our total greatness.

C – The multi steps in the building represent the stages of business.  Each business goes through growth stages on their way to success at the top; likewise, there are unison steps on reverse side in the decline of an industry or business.  These multi steps add character, uniqueness or posture to the buildings.  Ever so, the steps we take in business and those efficiencies we implement, build the character, uniqueness and posture of our businesses.  We developed this logo to add the character to Krumsiek & Associates, P.C. and reinstate the ability the road to building our futures will be marked by the educated decisions we make.

D – The transparent middle structures of the buildings were developed to remind us that although solid, business is an ever changing environment.  With that - so is the tax codification.  Although we are experts, we must undertake the extreme educational step to ensure we stay sharp in our minds with the ever growing environment.    

E – The circle of trust.  In certain antique teachings, it was deemed to find the light of truth and loyalty, one would need to embark on a journey down a winding staircase.  The emblem symbolizes the trust and loyalty to our clients and our reputation.  It is here where we provide the greatest attribute to our clients; Confidence.  We build our clients confidence by enabling them the capability of educated decisions.  This ensures each decision is strategic. 

F – We are the foundation for success for many of our clients.  We work with startup organizations and seasoned businesses.  This is where our fundamental business concepts and education are immense in the growing of a company or the sustaining of success.  The strongest ability to have the highest of morals and values is impeccable in today’s business economy.  The open foundations face is a symbol to our clients that we take pride in the services we provide to be their foundation. 

G – From top to bottom, the swoosh entails Krumsiek & Associates, P.C. is forever looking up, looking forward and moving forward.  We pride in being on the cutting edge in the taxation service industry.  To all this, we ensure each day we make an all out effort to provide the highest of quality and value in our services.  Each customer is valued by us - large and small.  We know the smallest client has the capabilities of becoming the largest client and vice versa.  The curvature reminds us never to settle, always grow in mind, body, spirit, soul and education. 

Copyright Krumsiek & Associates, P.C.